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"Cheater" Guac Recipe, Comin' In HOTT!

Ashley Siebrecht

Cooking is neither my favorite activity nor one that I'm particularly skilled at, so when I finally do find a recipe that I can add to my minimal repertoire... I tend to use it rather often. Luckily, this new guacamole recipe is super easy! So easy, you can make it on vacation, with very dull knives.

guac 1.jpg
  • First I chop the onion. Yes, the WHOLE onion. Around here we like our guac chunky, not like the pre-made stuff at the store 💁
  • Then I juice 2 limes over the onion
  • Then slice and dice 3 avocados 
  • Then I add the secret "cheater" ingredient 🤐
  • Then I dice up 1-2 jalapenos (depends on the crowd you're working with)
  • Then add Kosher Salt
  • Lastly... Stir it up, baby!

I know what you're thinking... just tell us the damn secret ingredient!

The secret ingredient REVEALED!

The secret ingredient REVEALED!

It's Rotel! With Lime & Cilantro! I'm a cheater! I normally try to use fresh ingredients, but this was perfect for 2 reasons. 

  1. If you think chopping an onion was tough with a dull knife, can you imagine the squishy red mess that would have been a result of dicing tomatoes?!?
  2. We're on vacation, so we aren't cooking a lot. It seems like a waste to buy the whole bushel of cilantro only to use a few springs and toss the rest. And everyone knows, without cilantro, there is no guacamole, just diced avocados and veggies. 

2a.... We're on vacation! Quick and easy wins!!!

Pictured with regular AND gluten free scooping devices

Pictured with regular AND gluten free scooping devices

I will tell you, that Rotel tends to be a little spicy, so be aware of that if you have a sensitive palette among the group. And also, that you will want to be sure to drain it very very well. Nobody likes soggy guacamole!

Picky eater ☝️

Picky eater ☝️

Cape Honeysuckle Stack

Cape Honeysuckle Stack

And that's it! Now you eat! So delicious, even the picky ones dive in! And what do you wear while you eat your guacamole?!? A #stackthatgives back, of course! ...And, everyone's favorite Juicy Couture dress from 2004... don't worry, I left the Ugg boots at home 😜 But seriously, am I the only person who still wears these dresses to the pool?!? So handy! Cover-up and towel all in one; Jessica Simpson knew more than she let on.

So there you have it, my No-Fail "Cheater" Guacamole recipe! And of course, don't for get to buy extra limes for the tequila!!!



 - Ashley