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Just One More... Cup of Coffee!

Ashley Siebrecht

 Today we're announcing our giveaway winner in honor of "Get to Know Your Customers Day". (Yes, that's a thing. And apparently it happens every month. Who knew?!) 🤗

Those of you who have been to see us at pop-up shops and other live events, you know I'm always asking - "What's your JOM?" If you don't know our brand - JOM is short for Just One More. So when we ask "What's your JOM?", we mean what can't you get enough of in your life? It's been so fun getting to know more about each of you along the way! From JOM scoop of ice cream to JOM hour in the day to JOM baby giggle! Of course for me, it's always JOM accessory! 💁

So without further delay…. Congratulations to Miss Bella B!!! JOM cup of coffee is ALWAYS a good idea! Have fun shopping with your $100 JOM Gift Certificate! 😘


Don't fret if you missed the opportunity to enter our first giveaway of 2018 - we'll be giving away 11 more $100 gift certificates this year 💓💓💓 Be sure to follow along on Instagram & Facebook to find out how YOU can win! We love getting to know our JOMers!



They’re Here! And This Time, It's Personal! 💁

Ashley Siebrecht

I always like to say that JOM style is a relection of my personal style - Boho meets Prep! So it was only a matter of time before we added something with a Monogram! We are excited to introduce "Rose by Any Other Name"!

This bracelet is So.Much.FUN… and so versatile! With all her options - you could buy one for all your gal pals and still never repeat a style!

First you choose the base color. We have 14 different shades!

Acrylic Colors.jpg

Then you choose your font color - same colors as above (minus clear) plus Gold & Silver!

Then you choose your font style. Named for Southern cities, we have 6 different options!

Finally, you choose your beads. We have 5 different styles - a little something for everyone!

Whether your style is glitzy, boho, preppy, or a little bit of all three - we've got you covered! We're adding "Rose by Any Other Name" just in time for all your holiday shopping! You can buy a personalized gift for everyone on your list AND get a freebie for yourself! Read all about our Holiday Shoppers Delight and how giving to your friends can get you rewarded!

Happy Thanksgiving, babes!



Holiday Gifting Delight! 🎁💝😊

Ashley Siebrecht

This week we made our 3rd quarter JOM donations. Thank you to all of our wonderful JOMers who help us support our favorite charities! 

More Than Pumpkin Spice.jpg

As we round the corner toward the end of the year (can you believe it?!?), we are looking forward to an entire season of giving! Whether it's Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or Christmas - the charitable heart of others, good will toward all mankind, and gifting our loved ones are all threaded through the next few months.

FullSizeRender (19).jpg

In the spirit of giving thanks and GIFTS - JOM is offering a little something special to those who find themselves holiday shopping on our site! Now through December 17th we are giving ONE free item away with your purchase of 10 other pieces! Whether you keep that freebie for yourself or give it as a gift… we won't tell! 🙊

This is fun because we always reward our loyal JOMers with their 11th item free… but that happens after the item is registered. Meaning that if you're buying a gift for someone, the registration goes in their name; but NOW we are rewarding both the person giving the gift AND the one receiving it!


Just One More makes such a great gift because not only are you giving a fashionable accessory, you're giving the gift of giving as an activity! It's so fun & meaningful for your loved ones to open up a package and know that they have the choice of where JOM will be donating on their behalf!

Just add 11 items to your cart and use the coupon code DELIGHT - the voila! Automatically, the 11th item will be discounted from your order!

FullSizeRender (20).jpg

How will you be getting your Just One More FREEBIE?!? Gifting to… Your co-workers? Fellow team moms? Your children's teachers? Your workout babes? JOM is always a crowd pleaser! Happy Shopping!