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Terms & Conditions

Terms Of Service

Welcome to the Just One More Jewelry website. At Just One More we aim to provide you with a fun and easy shopping experience while maintaining your privacy. Please read all of our Policies including the entire Privacy Policy as it informs you of the types of information we gather, as well as how we will use and protect such information. By visiting you are agreeing to the Terms of Service and the terms of our Privacy Policy. Thank you for shopping at Just One More!


Before Submitting Your Order: Please confirm that all order details are correct and that you have contacted us at Just One More to answer any questions you may have before submitting your order. All orders are processed as soon as you have submitted payment through our website. If you need to make a cancellation or change to your order, it must be made within 1 business day of a placed order by calling us at 561-847-1985. We are not required to process change requests after this time. 

After Submitting Your Order: An order confirmation will be sent to the email address provided once the order has been placed. Should you find an error in your order confirmation email please notify us immediately at We are not responsible for error correction on order confirmation beyond 1 business day after order placement.  


Orders are shipped 1-3 days from the date the order was placed.

Expedited shipping does not affect the production time. If you wish to rush an item, please contact us at  or 561-847-1985 and know that a rush fee will be applied to your order and expedited shipping may also need to be applied depending on the shipping location and desired delivery date.

Please note that all orders ship complete, unless otherwise noted by Just One More. You may request that your order ship partially; however, we reserve the right to approve or deny partial shipment requests.