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Gotta Run For Shade

Ashley Siebrecht

Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's this White HOTT stack... but Kool & The Gang has been in my head all weekend. 

"It's too hot, too hot, lady. Gotta run for shelter. Gotta run for shade." 

Saturday I cleaned the house during the day and volunteered at an outdoor charity event in the evening. Let me clarify, when I say outdoor, there was shade... but there was also a lot of foliage and humidity... I've never even SEEN hair do the things mine was doing that night! 

After all that hotness, I was ready for some delicious seaweed salad, sushi, and sauvignon blanc, in AIR CONDITIONING!

Speaking of sauvignon blanc, meet our last stack of summer! Much like P.Diddy's Labor Day white party, this all white stack is signaling the end of summer. Named for Mommy's favorite summer libation, she prefers hers with a twist of grapefruit to enhance the refreshing factor 💁

While summer's not yet over, and there's certainly no cool weather in the near future for us Floridians, it's time to start moving on! We've started working on a small Pre-Fall/Transition collection, that we think you're going to stand up and cheer for! 📣 Here's a little hint...

Know where we're headed? What "colors" would you like to see represented??? Let us know so we can add them in!

Enjoy the rest of Summer... and let's get ready to stummbbble.....