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Live for Today. Give for Tomorrow. Accessorize Always!

Ashley Siebrecht

I am so excited to announce that our SHOP is LIVE! This has been a labor of love for so long and now we are ready to share our passion with the world!

Just One More is a jewelry line born out of love for life, a belief that together we can make tomorrow a better day, and a passion for fashion! Our guiding principles are Live for Today. Give for Tomorrow. Accessorize Always!

Live for Today.

The term Just One More, or as we affectionately refer to it, JOM, was born at girls night. Where we decided that we would go home after Just One More glass of wine. We quickly realized that JOM was applicable to all aspects of life. When you're pushing yourself to run JOM mile while training for a marathon.... When you're telling your hubby you'll leave the baby's bedside after JOM kiss.... When you swear you'll put down the fork after JOM bite of that amazing pasta dish! Catchy, right?

Give for Tomorrow.

We knew that we wanted to donate One% of Just One More purchases to charity, but it was only after drinks with my ex-intern (Hey, Julia!) that we realized we should allow the customer to choose which charity we would donate to on behalf of their purchase. Today, we have 5 charities that we have chosen to support and we feel like there is at least one charity that you can feel connected with.

Additionally, we want to give to YOU! For every 10 bracelets that you activate the donation on, we will send you Just One More bracelet for free! We love our loyal JOMers 😍

Accessorize Always!

Our semi-precious gemstone bracelets are made to mix and match together. We have small stacks that we've curated, but it's up to you to #StackYourStyle as you see fit! All of our bracelets are made domestically so we can react quickly to trends and keep you on top of the fashion game! A very stylish woman has been heard saying, "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror... and put on one more accessory " (Thanks for the quote, Miss Lolly). We couldn't agree more! We love stacking our bracelets 5..6...7... at a time! There's always room for Just.One.More!

Dirty Martini

Dirty Martini

Pink Champagne

Pink Champagne

To kick off our launch party, we're having a GIVEAWAY! Head over to Instagram to participate! You can read the rules here! ( We'd love to be part of your #JOM moments! We want to see how you're Living for Today! Giving for Tomorrow! Accessorizing Always!