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What's In A Name?

Ashley Siebrecht

It's one of my favorite things to do, personally. I'm not going to say it's the TOP reason I love my job, but it's definitely a big one! Kind of like when I loved being a teacher because I got to use a red pen... it's the little things in life 😘!

I LOVE naming things. Dogs, houses, cars, jewelry, STACKS! I mean, would you rather be wearing a bracelet from the light pink stack or the Pink Champagne Stack?!?... Exxxactly!

So in creating our first collection, we wanted to come up with a theme for all the stack names from the Spring/Summer Collection. It only seemed natural to name them all after cocktails since the term Just One More, or more affectionately JOM, was coined at Happy Hour. 

Cocktail Themed Stacks

Some were easy, and more memorable; my FAV is Tequila Sunrise! And some were... a little more challenging; there are a lot less blue colored cocktails in the world than I would have originally thought... Someone tell Kenny Chesney 💁

Well as fun as naming the stacks was... don't ask me about the names of the actual bracelets. There were 99 of them to start, and after serious contemplation and debate over the names of the 12 stacks... the first person to shout out ANYTHING that made sense or was slightly catchy for the name of a bracelet, WON! Note: Please see Bobbing for Apples 😂

Insert Your Name Here 😜

NOW it's time for us to let YOU join in on the FUN! We have a new stack to add to the Summer Collection. It's truly American and will be some of your favorite accessories all summer long! BUT... what shall we call it?!? 

Made in America

In honor of Flag Day, and more importantly, my favorite (and only 😉) sister's birthday, we're hosting a CONTEST! All you have to do, is come up with a cocktail themed name for our Red, White, & Blue stack! By REPOSTING our Contest Photo on Instagram and tagging #June14thFlagDay with your Name Nomination, you'll be in the running! We will choose the top 5 names nominated on June 15th at 11:59pm. We will then hold a VOTE to choose the official name! See... we're quite American 😉 It's gonna be so FUN!!! So put your thinking caps on and get to celebrating Flag Day! 



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