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A Collection Worth Cheering For! 📣🍻👏

Ashley Siebrecht

As a South Florida based company, we were having a hard time wrapping our minds (and wardrobes) around "Fall". Luckily, there's something very Fall-like that we LOVE! 

The inspiration for our next collection came directly from our favorite pastime! College Football Season!!! 🏈🍺

Of course, we're going to be a bit biased and start with our personal favorite! The Garnet & Gold stack is To.Die.For! I mean, that Chief... 😍

Next up, it's only fair to show a little love to our rivals. All you Gators our there will love our Blue & Orange stack

Crossing over the Florida/Georgia line, we're headed straight for Athens, home of the Dawgs! And this Black & Red stack will have you howling for more 🐶

If I had to pick a second favorite, it would be the Crimson & White stack because the subtle 🐘 touches of the Tail of Two Als and the Hold on to Your Horses, the Elephants Are Coming bracelets are enough to make me yell "Roll Tide"... almost.

Okay, so the final stack in the collection is a bit of a favorite too. Unfortunately, we weren't able to make a stack for every college football team, so we did a little bit of research, and a little bit of polling and noticed something - a few teams had one thing in common.... they're all TIGERS! 🐯🐯🐯 And so, the Tiger of Choice stack was born! Made up of 3 mini stacks featuring Auburn, Clemson, and LSU... even some of the colors are similar!  

One thing is certain, whatever team you're cheering for this season, be sure to look fiercely fabulous! 👯

PS - Make sure to visit our our sister company Just One More Giftables, so you can drink as stylishly as you accessorize 😘




The Perfect Gift 👌

Ashley Siebrecht

Okay, I have to share this because I feel like I am constantly asking Google for great gift ideas and it just so happens that the one I sent to my bestie in North Carolina last week was, according to her, "awesomeness".

She's a Disney girl at heart, but also sophisticated. So the subtle quote from Alice in Wonderland on a wine glass was the perfect nod to Disney without being childish. I mean, what's more adult than a glass of wine and bad decisions?!? This wine glass from our sister company, Just One More Giftables, comes in a myriad of colors and was the perfect base for the rest of my gift!

"I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it." -Alice in Wonderland

"I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it." -Alice in Wonderland

For the stuffing, I chose two pair of Hanky Panky, because who EVER has enough of these little gems?!? And actually, it worked out perfectly because my girlfriend didn't own a single pair! (She's now hooked!) I bought this cute floral pair and a solid that complimented my gift basket from my favorite local spot for Hanky Panky's, Maggie & Mae Boutique. They always have a HUGE assortment right at the register calling my name!

Vintage Blossom by Hanky Panky

Vintage Blossom by Hanky Panky

For the final touch, I banded the Hanky Pankys together with two bracelets from our Pink Champagne Stack. The Pretty in Pink and Champagne & Roses bracelets paired perfectly with the pink and blue theme of the rest of my gift and they were neutral enough that she could pair them with anything!

Champagne & Roses Bracelet

Champagne & Roses Bracelet

Pretty in Pink Bracelet

Pretty in Pink Bracelet

I was so excited to receive her text proclaiming "LOVE LOVE LOVE my gifts!!! Hope my other girlfriends aren't reading this... because I just figured out my Go-To Birthday gift for the next 365 days! 😹

What gifts have you sent that wowed your friends??? I'd love to hear!