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The Conservation Fund

The Conservation Fund

“Conservation Working for America”

Did you know that every year, America loses 3 million acres of land? Remote forests being cleared, urban green space getting swallowed by sprawl, and farmland crumbling away are all to blame for this loss. In short, nature is shrinking; we really are paving paradise to put up a parking lot.

The Conservation Fund was chartered in 1985 as the first organization with a dual-purpose mission of land and water conservation as well as economic development and job creation. In the last 31 years, they have made a lasting impression on the American landscape. To date, they have protected over 7.5 million acres of land and water in all 50 states; lands that today are national monuments, state parks, community forests, historic battlefields, wild areas and favorite destinations of all kinds.

Conservation impacts some of America’s most pressing issues: food security, reliable energy, available water, job creation, and livable communities. Their programs support sustainable economic development, spark cutting-edge conservation, and bridge connections between people and the land.

This may sound cliché, but if we don’t protect our American landscape and waterways today, our grandchildren will be the ones who will pay for the error of our ways. With our donations to The Conservation Fund, you are helping to protect our land, water, and wildlife for the future!

The Conservation Fund is a 4-Star Ranked organization by Charity Navigator and received a Gold Badge from Guide Star. You can read more about the work of The Conservation Fund and how you can get more involved on their website.